i turned a bunch of pokémon cards into telegram stickers

back in middle school, in the late 90s, i used to be a dedicated pokémon cards collector. i'd get a mild high from securing good trades and expanding what felt like a portable artbook.

i wasn't trying to catch 'em all, but i kept going at it, you know?

as many stories go, i grew older, moved places, and eventually gave most of my collection away... except for fifty or so psychic-type pokémon cards, which i'd browse from time to time.

well, a few months ago i decided to turn them into telegram stickers. (which are basically larger, livelier emojis.) i hand-picked 20 cards, got my camera running, and then i went to gimp.

now you can download the pack here.

slowbro looks menacinglymr. mime crosses their hands in defencegastly grins to their right

hope you enjoy! and many thanks to the original illustrators:

Ken Sugimori | Mitsuhiro Arita | Keiji Kinebuchi
Hajime Kusajima | Kagemaru Himeno | Yukiko Baba | Tomokazu Komiya
Hisao Nakamura | Miki Tanaka | Aya Kusube | Atsuko Nishida | Benimaru Itoh