10 unpopular reasons to be trans in 2022

screw your medical diagnoses! check out these 10 weird reasons to be trans in 2022!

you'll be sure to raise eyebrows from your family, friends and doctors!

punk's not dead

reason 1: because it's unpredictable and fucking intense! noone gets to define limits anymore, so you're in for the ride of your life! tired of your dull everyday drill? trans it up!

reason 2: because it's one of the best ways to take the piss out of lame people! and then you grow angrier and you get more reasons to burn and stomp this shitty capitalistic world!

so bored i could die

reason 3: i want to play life on hard mode! call me a masochist, i don't care. i need a challenge, cause the standard rules make me want to yawn and puke at the same time!

reason 4: being a cis man is sooooo boring! i just don't get how people stand the evenness of masculinity. and why should i work on changing gender codes when i could just throw them away?

reason 5: how about being part of transhumanism? not the tech-savvy yuppie wet dream which will further raise inequalities, but the glorious path which raises awareness of yourself and broadens the experience of being human. that's fucking A to me!

/!\ cancel material /!\

reason 6: being trans gives you social credit in some circles... gotta scoop that fame!

reason 7: what if your sexuality doesn't match your assigned gender standards? i mean, we could beat around the bush and pretend we gotta find or build the right minority representation, but man, what a hassle. let's say i'm trans because i like being fucked. ❤️

cis fantasies lol

reason 8: boo-hoo, i scrolled too much instagram and i got brainwashed into thinking i was trans! and now my pride prevents me from detransitioning cause i don't wanna admit cis detractors were right all along! oh god what am i gonna do? boo-fucking-hoo, the humanity!

reason 9: i got trans cause i dropped one too many LSD blotter back in my mid 20s, and i've been living in a state of brain fart to this day. well, they did warn me LSD was life-changing!

the existentialist

reason 10: eventually you reach a place in your life where meaning has become arbitrary. reason radiates and evades in all directions. and so you search for some path to get away, to carry on. isn't being trans a life project as good as any? it fills your days with feelings and expectations, joys and accomplishments. it drags on longer than you ever asked for. it adds logic and order to the randomness of living. it makes some of the sense you're craving. it enrages you, it soothes you. what if i wanted being trans? what if that was mainly a matter of allowing yourself to be?